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The advantages of the intraocular lens ICL:
• The Toric ICL is small and flexible
Thanks to its small size and flexibility, the ICL implant can be folded and injected painlessly into the eye in just seconds through a small incision in the cornea. Once injected, it unfolds and effortlessly positioned between the iris and the lens. The lens is fully accepted by the body.
• The Toric ICL is invisible
The Toric ICL operates as a conventional contact lens, except that it is invisible. Only the optical correction that brings you reports his presence, because otherwise you can neither see nor feel it.
• The Toric ICL is explantable
This lens is designed to remain indefinitely within the eye. However, it can be removed if necessary because it does not alter anything e structures of the eye or cornea.
• The Toric ICL goes beyond laser treatment
If you need a large vision correction, the Toric ICL is the obvious choice. It is also the ideal solution in case of thin corneas, dry eyes or large pupils.
• The Toric ICL can process both visual abnormalities in one intervention
The Toric ICL corrects myopia and astigmatism in one intervention. Each lens is tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient.
• The Toric ICL offers a high degree of satisfaction
Besides excellence for quality it provides, the Toric ICL is a very accurate and reliable treatment offering exceptional degree of patient satisfaction.

Before each implantation of an ICL implant few anesthetic drops are applied to your eye. Your surgeon may also be given a sedative:
• A small opening is first performed at the place where the white of the eye meets the cornea.
• A gelatinous substance is then injected into the eye and the Toric ICL is inserted carefully placed behind the iris and the gel removed from the eye.

There it’s finished! The opening will heal itself very quickly.
The implementation of Toric ICL is considered mild action come without hospitalization and takes about 15 minutes. After you can leave the clinic and return to activity two days later.

Because all eyes are different, your doctor should decide the most appropriate treatment for your visual defect. The Toric ICL can correct most vision problems and for whom treatment may include:
-The Myopia with or without astigmatism of an average severity level to rise
-The Thin cornea
-The Dry eyes
-Big pupils



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