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This Excimer laser for the next generation of Bausch & Lomb was developed to take the Excimer laser technology to a new level. The new Excimer laser TENEO317 has been specifically designed for ease of use, fast performance with a small footprint and incorporates the latest state of the advanced technology

This new laser TENEO 317 of “Bausch & Lomb Technolas” combines the best methods for laser vision correction.

It is capable of correcting various visual defects such as myopia, Hyperopia, Presbyopia and astigmatism without pain and within minutes


Today, the TENEO is the most powerful laser. It guarantees safety and maximum precision.

The new TENEO laser is twice as accurate. Indeed, the diameter of its excisions is of the order of one micron therefore half the diameter of the preceding versions thereby reducing the exposure time to half.

The TENEO 317 is faster than the currently available TECHNOLAS-217P, operating at 500 Hz. Ergonomic, the laser has a completely rotary microscope for setting the optimal height. The small footprint provides the surgeon with the versatility of using the laser in different operating room settings

The design includes a graphical user interface of the touch screen with an intuitive menu that allows surgeons to complete a four-step process.

Alongside these new design features, the laser is designed to provide excellent clinical results, high precision, resolution and sophisticated look of tracking technology. The TENEO 317 is also set up to ensure optimum use of presbyopic LASIK treatment, SUPRACOR.



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